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We are proud to present our team of experienced, licensed professionals who specialize in the sale of businesses.

Lenwood Mills has been in the business field for almost 30 years. His work ethic and drive began at the age of 8 when he began mowing lawns along with working in the tobacco fields of North Carolina. This experience taught him at an early age the value of hard work, saving money and how to manage business at an early age.

Many years later his hard work ethic and experience paid off for him. Lenwood entered the management field in the early 80’s which eventually lead him to become a District Manager for several years then on to an Area Developer covering several states and a Franchise owner of up to 17 locations.

Lenwood has a very real understanding of business along with owning his own businesses which gives him an unique prospective of being a business owner and seller. This experience gives Lenwood a true understanding of the role of a Business Broker and why a Broker is so important to have that has his business experience for almost three decades.

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Lenwood Mills


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Katie Mills


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Andrew McNall


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Chad Harrison


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Kwadwo Ofori


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Mike Thompson


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Marcus Best


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