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Working with a professional Business Broker can help to realistically price your business for sale.

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Many Sellers, before meeting with a Business broker have an idea in their mind as to how much they should ask for their business.

Their CPA or their friend or their realtor may have offered suggestions. So at the time when they do meet their Business Broker and the Broker offer a suggested selling price, sellers will sometimes respond with the dollar figure that their CPA, friend or realtor thought that they should sell for.

The predicament of the business Brokers is how to and will they tell the seller that the price will be too high for their business.

Most professional business brokers will explain the reality of an overpriced business including the fact that overpriced businesses help reasonably priced businesses of the same to type to actually sell.


A business owner needs to understand that a Business Broker is valuing the business logically and realistically based upon past sales and experience whereas a seller looks at the business emotionally.

The art of valuing a business is just that, it is an art and not a science. A business sells for what a willing buyer will pay and what a willing seller will accept.


Another option is to obtain an outside valuation for a cost of about $3,000.00. Sometimes these outside valuations are theoretical and not a Market Price Analysis and may not be worth the cost.

For more information on how a business is valued, contact your First Choice Business Broker professional whose only position is listing and selling businesses full time.