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Smart Seller Exit Planning Strategies

Discover the reasons that a seller would sell what appears to be a great profitable business.

Image of a road site with an arrow and the word exit pointing to the way out

It’s a known fact that many entrepreneurs had started other businesses before getting into the business that has become a success.

Many successful entrepreneurs also do something else that most business owners don’t do, they plan an exit strategy.

So the question is why would the person who is operating a business that is running successfully and making money look for an exit strategy.

The typical reasons are for either planning an exit strategy or considering selling are (and not in any order of importance): 1. The owner has reached the goal that they wanted to achieve; 2. The owner has found another idea that they wanted to pursue; 3. Boredom or burn out; 4. Not financially rewarding; or 5. Not emotionally fulfilling. 6. Need of a new challenge.

So it is good to know that many entrepreneurs who are busy building their business are also considering their exit strategy.

As a business owner, do you know your exit strategy and will you be prepared?

Buyers look for businesses that can provide two major components, one is sustainable income and the second is growth potential. After twenty four years of bringing buyers and sellers together we found that if these two ingredients are in the business that a buyer is investigating, the chances that the buyer will make an offer are very high.

If you are considering selling your business in the future make certain that a buyer can verify your income. Most buyers will walk away from a transaction if the income cannot be verified.  Your First Choice Business broker can advise you in more detail as to what a buyer will need from you when you are ready to sell.